TMDA is an open source software application designed to significantly reduce the amount of spam (Internet junk-mail) you receive. TMDA strives to be more effective, yet less time-consuming than traditional spam filters. TMDA can also be used with a custom email address as a general purpose local mail delivery agent to filter, sort, deliver and dispose of incoming mail. The technical countermeasures used by TMDA to thwart spam include: This combination was chosen based on the following assumptions about the current state of spam on the Internet:
  1. You cannot keep your email address secret from spammers.

  2. Content-based filters can't distinguish spam from legitimate mail with sufficient accuracy.

  3. To maintain economies of scale, bulk-mailing is generally:
    • An impersonal process where the recipient is not distinguished.
    • A one-way communication channel (from spammer to victim).

  4. spam will not cease until it becomes prohibitively expensive for spammers to operate.

NOTE: All documentation and further information about TMDA has been moved into the TmdaWiki!